Elopement in Milos

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Elopement in Milos

Elopement in Milos island

Elopement in Milos island. What an incredible decision !  This enchanting Greek island known for its captivating landscapes and romantic ambiance. Milos island is a dream destination for many couples. Rachel and Eric chose Milos for their elopement. And their story unfolds something like this:

“In the heart of the Aegean Sea, where the turquoise waters dance against the white cliffs. This is where Milos stands. An adventurous couple decided to escape the ordinary and embark on a journey of a lifetime. Drawn to the allure of Milos, a Greek island that whispers tales of love through its ancient rocks and secluded beaches. In Milos island they found their perfect canvas for a love story written in the sands of time”

And this is how their elopement felt..

The Vows moment

Under the Grecian sun, with the scent of sea salt, Rachel & Eric exchanged vows in a place where nature painted its most mesmerizing masterpiece. At Sarakiniko beach, under the bright Greek sun. This is how they dreamed these moments. As the cerulean waves applauded their commitment, the couple embraced the intimacy and simplicity that Milos offered. First tears showed up…and how not to ! Making every moment uniquely theirs. The vows moment, truly touching and so-so real..

They chose Sarakiniko, the moon-like beach, where the white volcanic rocks cradled their promises. Or maybe they sought solace in the embrace of the sea caves, exchanging rings with the rhythmic melody of the waves as witness. And now, tears of happiness for the end. And YES ! They comitted love and devotion for ever and ever !  Simple as that !

After the vows, we wandered through the narrow streets of Plaka. Rachel & Eric hand in hand, discovering the charm of the island’s history and feeling the echoes of ancient tales.

Their elopement wasn’t just a celebration.. it was a promise to cherish the simplicity of love and to find joy in the whispers of the sea breeze. Milos became more than a destination, it became the backdrop to a love story etched in the memories of the couple, forever intertwined with the magic of the island.

Eloping in Milos is not just about the ceremony. It’s about crafting a love story that resonates with the timeless beauty of the island. Creating moments that will linger in the hearts of the couple for a lifetime.

Rachel & Eric, Thank you for having us !

An Elopement in Milos island that we’ll cherish for ever


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