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Greek Elopements is a team of two dreamers who happen to be photographers..

We are Teo & Anna and we loooove elopements. Some may think, why ? The answer is not that simple.. Two people, two souls, two hearts.. and THAT special moment when two become one. Under the blue sky, in front of the endless blue sea, lost in a green forest or at the edge of a rock.. THAT look in their eyes, the tears of happiness and the power of every single touch. Loving words and powerful vows and just the two of you. Well, not many people can witness moments like these. Not many people can see the greatness of love. But we can. H yes, we can! And we feel so blessed about it. For these reasons and for many many others that can not be described in words, we simply love elopements.

We are ready to travel everywhere you call us in order to take beautiful pictures of your precious moments. Moments and feelings that need to be captured in the most discreet and silent way. We are ready to give you any guidance and advise you might need in order to find the location of your dreams. And believe us, Greece has countless of those! We are ready to be the photographer you need.

Drop us a line and lets start this magic journey in this Magical piece of heaven that’s called Greece

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