An elopement adventure

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An elopement adventure

An elopement adventure in Greece !

The story

This is the story of Aubrey and Chris who traveled from the States to our tiny country just to live their dream.

A couple deeply in love who decided to exchange their vows by the majestic cliffs overlooking the Aegean sea.

They got ready “secretly” so that they wont see each other before the first look. And it was so-so beautiful… Chris’s reaction once he saw her was over the moon. And this was the best beggining for their day.

We started from Imerovigli , the beautiful village with the white houses. Bright and sunny photos wandering to the narrow roads of the village.  As the day passed, we drove to the other side of the island where everything is quiter. Aubrey and Chris were now much m,ore relaxed and more and more leaded to the right mood.

At a picturesque village with traditional, Santorinian houses and locals all around Greek and our couple were so heppy and excited..The air was filled with the scent of blooming flowers, the famous Bougainvillea flowers.

And now, it was time for the last stop , the spot where they will excange their vows.

Her flowing white dress that seemed to dance with the sea breeze, made her way to the cliffs where Chris anxiously awaited. As she reached him, their eyes locked, and time seemed to stand still.  and the distant sound of waves crashing against the rocks created a symphony that echoed their love.

The vows

As they spoke these vows, a gentle breeze wrapped around them, as if nature itself was witnessing and celebrating their union. The sun, now casting hues of orange and pink across the sky, seemed to applaud their commitment to love. No words can describe the beauty of the moment…

With the exchange of rings and a tender kiss,  Aubrey and Chris sealed their vows by the cliffs, surrounded by the timeless beauty of Greece

Perfect ending, the Champagne opening !! Yeah !!! We could see their faces light up and their eyes sparkle with joy !! Wow..their expressions were a mix of laughter and elation !!

Their elopement was not just a celebration of their love; it was a communion with the untamed beauty of the natural world. The following moments found them enjoying the sun setting on the horixon.. Lost in that special and unique moment. So unique, as their whole experience…

Aubrey and Chris embarked on a new chapter of their adventure, forever bound by the memory of an elopement that echoed the wild, boundless spirit of their love.. On a summer day , in Santorini !

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